Boost Our Community and Economy with the Main Street Tax Credit!

Support Local. Redirect your tax to Selah!

How the Tax Credit Works:

It’s an all-around meaningful way to support Selah.

Year 1

Pay the Department of Revenue 100% of your B&O tax bill and donate any additional amount of your choice to the SDA through the Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program (MSTCIP).

Year 2

You will receive a 75% tax credit from your SDA donation the previous year. Plus, since SDA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit the entire pledge amount is deductible on your federal tax returns the year you make your donation.

Main Street Tax Credit Goal



Get Started

Step 1

Step 2

Sign in or create an account.

Step 3

Choose “More Excise Tax Options” in the Account Box

Step 4

Select “Manage/Apply for a Tax Credit” in the Credits box

Step 5

Select “Add Main Street Application”

Step 6

Find Selah Downtown Association and enter the contribution amount; click Next

Step 7

Fill in the required information and submit

More Information about how to apply