Selah Discovery Contest: Egg Hunt 2018

Selah Downtown Association (SDA) is excited to announce the beginning of the 4th annual Selah Discovery Contest: Egg Hunt on Tuesday, February 27th. The Egg Hunt is a popular, scavenger hunt activity for kids ages 18 and under. The contest will close on Friday, March 30th, 2018.


The Selah Discovery Contest: Egg Hunt is a partnership activity between SDA and over 30 local businesses and other community facilities. Each year, SDA provides participating businesses with a large, numbered egg for display, and children and families must locate each egg for their chance to win an Easter prize basket.


Each morning, SDA will post a hint on Facebook(@SelahDowntown) to help kids locate the hidden eggs. When an egg is located, kids will note the egg's number on their contest entry form. In addition to locating all 32 eggs on display in businesses, kids must visit Nana Kate's café, located at 432 E. Goodlander Road, in Selah, for a "Special Pass" stamp on their entry form. (Entry forms will not be considered complete without this stamp.)


All entry forms must be completed, colored and returned to SDA by 4 PM on Monday, April 2nd. Forms may be dropped off at Nana Kate's, Selah Insurance Services, Selah City Hall or the Selah Civic Center. Kids who complete and return their forms will be entered into a random drawing to win an Easter prize basket sponsored by one of the participating businesses. Winners will be notified by Thursday, April 5th, and told from which business they can collect their prize. All winners must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who can present a photo ID, to collect their prize basket.


(The Selah Discovery  Contest: Egg Hunt is open only to kids ages 18 and under. Those under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting businesses to search for eggs.)


Print the 2018 contest entry form here