Selah City Challenge from SDA for April 2018

 By Whitney Stohr, Executive Director

Note:  Selah offers so much to so many. Selah is our home, our safe place; it is where we work and shop, where our kids learn and play. We love Selah, and we want to continue improving our community. On that note — Each month in 2018, Selah Downtown Association will pose a new challenge to the community, residents and friends. We will challenge everyone, in various ways, to look at the community from a different perspective, to be more aware of our surroundings, and to give back to the city that we love. Please join in and share these challenges with friends and family. It takes everyone to create a strong community.

April Challenge:  Commit to getting outdoors and exercising in downtown Selah. Just try it!

Who needs a gym membership when you have the city at your fingertips?!

Living a healthy life is a long-term goal for almost everyone. For the most part, we all want to be healthier, more fit, and in better physical shape. We want to exercise.

But, for many of us, it is also hard to commit to the “gym life.” It’s often hard to find the time in our busy schedules, or the energy after a long day at work, to hit the gym before heading home.

One great thing about living in a city is that we have the ability to incorporate exercise into our daily lives. With some forethought and a little more effort, we can make decisions that easily lead us to living a healthier, more active life. And, living in town, in the city, is the perfect place to develop those habits for yourself.

When it comes to exercise, cities have something for everyone, and Selah is no exception.

Increasing your level of physical activity throughout the day could be as simple as walking from store to store downtown — getting in those extra steps — rather than driving and parking right in front of each shop.

If you’re a runner or enjoy a brisk walk, downtown Selah offers many excellent routes on sidewalks along 1st Street and adjoining roads. If you like Pilates or yoga, what better way to spend a nice day outdoors than unrolling your mat at Wixson Park? Or, grab your bike and head out on the city’s bike route, down 3rd Street and Southern Avenue, before connecting to the Greenway.

Even park benches can transform into improvised gym equipment.


So do empty parking lots! It just takes a little bit of creative thinking.


Challenge accepted?

So, this month we challenge you to look at the city as the most flexible of outdoor gyms.

Find new ways to make your life healthier simply by utilizing the city’s built environment. It may take some effort at first to re-think how you view the city, but soon enough, you’ll be more active in your physical life and community life.

Whitney Stohr is the Executive Director of Selah Downtown Association. She is passionate about community change, livability, public art and environmental sustainability. She encourages everyone to become a voice for progress in their local communities and to advocate for positive change. Whitney is originally from Yakima and holds degrees from the University of Montana (B.A. Political Science), the University of Florida (M.S. Ecological Restoration), Gonzaga University School of Law (J.D.), and The George Washington University School of Law (LL.M. International and Comparative Law).