Selah City Challenge from SDA for March 2018

By Whitney Stohr, Executive Director

[Note:  Selah offers so much to so many. Selah is our home, our safe place; it is where we work and shop, where our kids learn and play. We love Selah, and we want to continue improving our community. On that note — Each month in 2018, Selah Downtown Association will pose a new challenge to the community, residents and friends. We will challenge everyone, in various ways, to look at the community from a different perspective, to be more aware of our surroundings, and to give back to the city that we love. Please join in and share these challenges with friends and family. It takes everyone to create a strong community.]


March Challenge:  Become “backyard explorers” and share your love of the city with your kids.


The winter months can be long and can keep your family cooped up inside. But, spring weather is just around the corner, and March is a great time to start getting back outdoors. This month, take your kids with you!


We challenge you this month to explore the city with your kids. Spend some family time biking to Wixson Park, or take an afternoon stroll downtown on a sunny day.


Take some time and try to view the city from a different perspective: the perspective of your children! What makes downtown Selah fun? How can kids connect with the city? How can they get the most out of living in this community?


The city itself is really an extension of our own backyard. It is where we live; it is our home. So explore it!


Spend this month making the city your kids’ playground. Utilize the city’s public amenities — its sidewalks, public spaces, access to the Greenway, etc. There’s much to explore!


Share with your kids what you love about downtown Selah, and ask your kids why they do too. Teach them about the importance of community life and civic engagement by getting outside and joining in it!
Today’s kids are the city’s future, and the future is bright! Let’s all pass on the love for community.


Challenge accepted?




Whitney Stohr is the Executive Director of Selah Downtown Association. She is passionate about community change, livability, public art and environmental sustainability. She encourages everyone to become a voice for progress in their local communities and to advocate for positive change. Whitney is originally from Yakima and holds degrees from the University of Montana (B.A. Political Science), the University of Florida (M.S. Ecological Restoration), Gonzaga University School of Law (J.D.), and The George Washington University School of Law (LL.M. International and Comparative Law).