Selah City Challenge from SDA for February 2018

By Whitney Stohr, Executive Director

Note:  Selah offers so much to so many. Selah is our home, our safe place; it is where we work and shop, where our kids learn and play. We love Selah, and we want to continue improving our community. On that note — Each month in 2018, Selah Downtown Association will pose a new challenge to the community, residents and friends. We will challenge everyone, in various ways, to look at the community from a different perspective, to be more aware of our surroundings, and to give back to the city that we love. Please join in and share these challenges with friends and family. It takes everyone to create a strong community.

February Challenge:  Share your favorite “hidden” places in downtown Selah.

Do you have a favorite “hidden” place in downtown Selah? Is there somewhere you go to clear your head, or to just sit for a while? Do you have a favorite place to enjoy the sunshine in the summer, or to walk your dog?

It could be your favorite corner for reading at the Selah library, or your favorite shade tree at Wixson Park. Maybe your favorite “hidden” place is a nice, but rarely used, outdoor bench, or a quiet area down one of the city’s lesser used, side streets.

Wherever it is, those “hidden” places contribute significantly to the community, although we might not often think about it in that way. They are unique to Selah, and they leave an impression on those who know and love them.

So, this month, share your favorite “hidden” place with someone you know. Share with them all the reasons why you love it. Hopefully, they’ll come to love it too!

And, if you don’t have a favorite “hidden” place in downtown, this month, we challenge you to explore the city and to identify those areas that you love. Maybe it’s a quiet area for reflection in the middle of a busy day. Maybe it’s the perfect picnic bench for lunch outdoors. Maybe it’s the steps at City Hall where you can watch people come and go. Wherever it might be, we encourage you to explore downtown and find your favorite places.

Challenge accepted?


Whitney Stohr is the Executive Director of Selah Downtown Association. She is passionate about community change, livability, public art and environmental sustainability. She encourages everyone to become a voice for progress in their local communities and to advocate for positive change. Whitney is originally from Yakima and holds degrees from the University of Montana (B.A. Political Science), the University of Florida (M.S. Ecological Restoration), Gonzaga University School of Law (J.D.), and The George Washington University School of Law (LL.M. International and Comparative Law).