Selah Downtown Association (SDA) is a non-profit, community organization, working to revitalize downtown Selah, Washington, and promote the downtown business district as the community's social, cultural and economic center. SDA advances this mission by utilizing the Four-Point Main Street Approach developed by the National Main Street Center, emphasizing community organization, promotion, design and economic vitality. By applying this approach, SDA is leading community-focused and grassroots efforts to re-imagine, redevelop and transform the city of Selah beginning at its core.

SDA formed in 2013 and is a designated Main Street Community recognized by the Washington State Main Street Program and the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation.

Main Street Four-Point Approach®

The Main Street Four-Point Approach® is a unique preservation-based, economic development tool created by the National Main Street Center (NMSC) to better enable communities to revitalize downtown, business districts by leveraging existing localassets, including local historic, cultural and architectural resources, local enterprises and elements of civic pride.

The Four-Point Approach is utilized by communities nationwide to improve and revitalize downtown and business districts. The "Four Points" comprising this tried-and-true approach include organization, promotion, design and economic vitality, and together provide a framework for a sustainable and balanced revitalization program.

Four-Point Approach

Organization involves building an active Main Street team and recruiting strong advocates for revitalization, including local business and property owners, historic preservationists, interested citizens, public officials, and leaders from other community organizations.

Promotion generates excitement and social vibrancy in the downtown through branding and image development campaigns, retail events, and community outreach.

Design enhances the aesthetic appeal, look and feel of the downtown in a way that incorporates existing historic buildings, landscaping, signage, lighting and other streetscape improvements.

Economic Vitality strengthens small businesses and promotes economic development by analyzing market forces, recruiting businesses and providing tools to help traditional merchants compete in a modern economy.

The Main Street REFRESH Approach

In 2016, the NMSC made a decision to modernize the Main Street Four-Point Approach following three decades of successful implementation by communities nationwide. The resulting "Refresh" Approach is described by NMSC as a "common sense, strategy driven framework" that strengthens the capacity of Main Street Communities and drives forward local revitalization efforts.

The Refreshed Main Street Approach consists of three components.

  • Inputs: Community visioning and understanding of local economic drivers.
  • Transformation Strategies: Key priorities that provide direction to the Main Street Program and are implemented using the original Four Points.
  • Outputs: Quantitative and qualitative measurements of success.