Football and Halloween in Downtown Selah

By Ginger Brewer-Tyler, SDA Promotions Committee

Even though football and Halloween are two of my favorite things in life, I’m still asking myself: “Where did summer go?”I didn’t float the river. I didn’t go water skiing, and I never did get around to that “Spring Cleaning” that I had put off until Summer, now that I think about it.tree

But regardless if I’m ready of not, seasons change, so I’m going to forget about what I didn’t do and embrace what is ahead.

It kind of makes me think about all the changes in downtown lately. I’m not involved in all the politics and what’s going on behind the scenes, but I do hear chatter about who is and who isn’t excited about the tremendous growth Selah has seen the last 6 months — the Dollar Tree or Domino’s, for example. There are so many different opinions and strong arguments on both sides, but just like the leaves falling off the trees outside my office window, change is inevitable and, even if we aren’t “ready,” it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing.

I for one am so happy about having a Dollar Tree in Selah and am a perfect example of why it’s a good thing. In the past, I would drive into Yakima to shop there; then proceed to go to the closest grocery store to pick up the items I needed for the week. Maybe, I’d stop somewhere for lunch, and lastly, stop to fill up my tank while I was already out and about. Having that specific store in mind drove me into Yakima, and then convenience took over at that point. Any reason to keep people in Selah is a win-win for us all. So, I’m asking for people to be open-minded and look at the bigger picture.

Ok… I’ll get off my soap box. (But, for the record, the cleaning solution at the Dollar Tree called “Totally Awesome” is exactly that — best stuff ever!)

October is such a great month to support Selah!

Football season is in full effect and both T&T Lounge and Tailgaters Bar & Grill show NFL games and have great specials.

The Selah Chamber of Commerce will host the annual Cowgirl Up for the Cure event on October 7th at the Civic Center, followed by the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Concert sponsored by Pastime Bar on October 15th. Both are fun ways to have a good time and support a great cause!

I can’t be this month’s blog-writer without being biased and mentioning that Pastime Bar also throws the BEST Halloween parties as well, which this year is on Saturday, October 29th.

pumpkinLastly, we get to wrap up the month with my favorite Chamber of Commerce event: Business Trick-or-Treating. I have participated with both Selah Insurance Services and Pastime Bar every year since it started, and have witnessed the event grow bigger every year. Not only do I get to help give these little kiddos a safe environment for the evening, but it gets parents IN MY DOOR when I may not have otherwise had the opportunity. I encourage you to participate if you haven’t already. For business owners, it is well worth the cost, or “ROI’s”, for you number crunchers out there!

There are more October events getting added, so stay tuned in. It won’t be long before we are talking turkey, so I for one am going to enjoy every bit of these October events and plan my “Spring Cleaning” weekend for November…

Go Hawks!

ginger-2Ginger Brewer-Tyler is a member of Selah Downtown Association’s Promotions Committee. The goal of the Promotions Committee is to build excitement and promote vibrancy in our downtown. Ginger is a business owner and active in downtown Selah. She owns Selah Insurance Services and Metabolic Makeover Solutions. She also organizes the annual Selah 5K Color Run to raise funds for Rod’s House, a resource center for local homeless youth.