Discover Downtown Selah

Discover Downtown Selah

Community spirit and civic pride are alive and well in Selah, Washington! Whether you come from near or far, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in downtown Selah!

With small town charm and a rich local history, downtown Selah is an ideal place to live, work or visit, located in the heart of Central Washington and just a stone's throw away from endless outdoor and recreational opportunities.

The character of the city's downtown district creates a welcoming environment that will remind you of home. The laid-back lifestyle and convenient, central location of the city has transformed downtown Selah into a hub of small town activity where visitors soon feel like neighbors and residents never want to leave.

In Selah, we view community as extended family, and family is our top priority. The city has consistently ranked among the safest places to live in Washington, and a year-round calendar of events provides entertainment for residents and visitors of all ages.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover downtown Selah for yourself. We love our community, and we know you will too.

We Are Selah

Here we produce fruits in orchards that line our landscape and define our economy. Our growers united to create a co-op that yields juices and snacks from our apples, pears, and cherries, and employees at family owned packers represent Selah's best work. Together, our growers, packers, and producers use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the fruits of our labor nourish our region, our country, and the world.

Here we raise families in a community that values our schools through the Viking Way. We strive to ensure that each young person in Selah has character, is capable, and leaves our schools ready for college or a career. We build teamwork through sports and encourage individual students to thrive. We pride ourselves that in Selah children can safely walk to our schools and our parks.

Here we reap the benefits of freedom. We welcome the soldiers from across the country and our allied troops from across the globe who come to Selah to refine their skills at the Yakima Training Center. We honor these guests with the warmth of a small town whose patriotism shines beyond Independence Day throughout the year. We thank them for safety in our small hometown and across our great nation.

Here we grow the foundation of community. We support businesses rooted in tradition, creative in approach, and nurtured with loyalty. We create memories over ice cream at a classic diner and we pick cherries for our neighbors and share them with our visitors. We host events that focus on community, we revel in the outdoor activities that surround us, and we look to the future with pride and optimism.

We are Selah, Washington.
Cultivated With Care.