A Letter from Sarah Hoot, SDA Intern

To the people of Selah,


Thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives. Even though I was only an intern I really liked getting to know some of the people working to make Selah a great place to live. During my visit to the city I got to experience how close the community is. There were so many people who turned out to see the different sports being played and cheering on their teams. I met the famous Nana Kate at her café and sampled her delicious food. She was super nice and very welcoming—she even told me and my boyfriend the different things we could go and see. I also visited Simplicity Design Boutique and I got to see some of the treasures that Jennifer Ibach carried in her store. Thank you to everyone who gave me information for articles, and I am glad to have learned more about the people and history of Selah. Unfortunately, my internship has come to an end and I need to go back to my usual schedule of classes and work. So, I must give all of you a fond farewell and say thank you once more for all of your help and support. I wish you luck on all of your plans for this year and I hope that downtown Selah keeps growing. And if you haven’t yet checked out the local businesses around town, take some time to explore downtown and see what the city has to offer; you may find something brand new that you had no idea was there before.



Sarah J. Hoot


Sarah HSarah Hootoot was a Business & Downtown Journalist Intern at Selah Downtown Association (SDA) between November 2016 and April 2017. Based in Ellensburg, WA, Sarah is an undergraduate student at Central Washington University, where she is studying print journalism. She also serves as “Scene Editor” for the CWU Observer student newspaper. SDA benefited immensely from Sarah’s enthusiasm and hard work, and we wish her the very best in continuing her studies and pursuing future endeavors.